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Clearing the way is vital, self-improvement not - Das Freiräumen des Weges ist notwendig, nicht jedoch die Selbstverbesserung (Amoda Maa)

Awakening is not about self-improvement or fixing your personality self. However, there is a clearing away which is not the same as working on the self-identity, the self that is happy or unhappy, confident or not. It is not about perfecting that. It is not about avoiding one side of the spectrum and finding a method how to deal with the other side of it. By clearing away, I mean, that all unprocessed energies like grievances, resentments, regrets etc. must be digested. When you hold on to grievances for example, you not only separate energetically into a contracted, poor me/identity – the one that has been hurt, abused or traumatized, there is also a layer of energy beneath it, that has not been felt. To truly feel something is to digest it –that’ the processing. When we do not digest it, we hold on to it…as a thought, as an identity, as a resentment, a grievance…an unmet feeling at its core.  If that is not fully processed it becomes an impediment to the flow of awakened consciou

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